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Zoning allows homes or offices to be divided into separate temperature zones, in essence room to room temperature control. Zoning is capable of providing a thermostat for each room in a given space. The thermostat then signals an automatic air control damper in the duct for that room or zone which controls the flow of the conditioned (heated or cooled) air. With zoning only the area(s) needing conditioned air get it while areas that are already comfortable do not, solving the problems of rooms becoming too hot or too cold.

Our products can be used with any forced air heating and cooling system to improve the overall comfort, increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC System and provide added convenience of a thermostat in each room or zone.

Zoning is always associated with hydronic (hot water) heating systems that use automatic control valves to control the flow of hot water to radiators or baseboard heating. The newer in-floor heating systems are also zoned. Larger commercial office buildings use Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems to provide zone control throughout large offices. However residential heating and cooling systems are typically just one zone. One furnace and air conditioner (or heat pump) with a centrally located thermostat in a central hallway, dining or living room that heats or cools the entire house whether all rooms need it or not.